Osprey CE 9(60Si/40Al)

Typical applications include RF and microwave packages, electro-optical housings, base plates for power devices, and carrier plates for high frequency circuits.

  • Lower cost alternative to Cu/W or Cu/Mo
  • Very close CTE matching (9.0 ppm/°C at room temperature) to GaAs die and alumina or LTCC substrates
  • Thermally stable and stiff, with 6 times the thermal conductivity of Kovar
  • Machineable and plateable. Improved machinability vs. CE7.
  • One sixth, one quarter and one third the weight of Cu/W, Cu/Mo and Kovar respectively.
Technical Specifications
Composition Silicon
CTE ppm/C 9.0
Thermal Conductivity (25°C) W/m.K 130
Density g/cm3 2.4
Bend Strength (three point) MPa 140
Young's Modulus GPa 118